Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sockalingam Yogalingam (YOGI’S)

Mr.S.Yogalingam Candidate No. : 411


Sockalingam Yogalingam (YOGI’S)


The overriding goal for Tamil activists and their non-Tamil supporters should be UN-supervised referendum on self-determination for Eelam Tamils in Sri Lanka.


The West has a strong diplomatic and historical tradition of supporting or even promoting referendums (or plebiscites) on ‘National Questions’ ever since it was enshrined in the League of Nations after the First World War and the UN after the Second. Indeed the principle of self-determination is recognised in the UN Charter. In recent times such referendums have occurred in Kosovo and Montenegro and, more relevantly, a decade ago in East Timor. Whilst a call for Tamil Eelam will be resisted by Sri Lanka and be seen as unrealistic by the International Community (IC), the call for a referendum to decide upon the future constitutional position of Eelam Tamils in the North & East will find a great deal of sympathy and be hard for Sri Lanka to dismiss. The result of that referendum be it for Integration, can begin to heal the decades of bitterness between Sinhala and Tamils on the Island whatever the outcome.

How is this to be achieved?

There is a strategy that can deliver a referendum and it will require the application of twin and interlinked campaigns: Political & Economic.
Political The IC was reluctant to seriously push for a ceasefire last May for varied reasons: For the West, India demanded the problem be left alone as it was their ‘backyard’. For India, they feared a growing Chinese influence if they didn’t acquiesce to Sri Lanka’s military offensive (as well as a fear of Separatism in general). All of them to some extent had ‘blood on their hands’.

What can change their behaviour?

In order to get the IC to support a referendum they must first believe that the treatment of Tamils is unacceptable both presently and in the near future and then believe that such a vote is the solution.
Demonised Firstly, Sri Lanka must be ‘demonised’ as Sri Lanka did with the Tigers and ultimately all Tamils. This should not be difficult given their ongoing record on human rights i.e. highlighting the campaign for ’War Crimes’ trials to cover the last months of the war, the failure to resettle the countless IDPs, the move towards a despotic dynasty and the general abuse of human rights. Whatever ‘deal’ was struck prior to their military offensive between Rajapakse and the IC was surely broken by the President? Whether it was breaking calendar deadlines, use of artillery upon civilians, executions of prisoners or the internment of Vanni Tamils there will be a reckoning between SL and the IC. This is likely to result in a ‘War Crimes’ trial but it could also lead to calls for a long term political solution to the conflict. The IC will also come to realise that Sri Lanka is never going to modify its behavior towards Tamils let alone willingly negotiate a political settlement with the Tamil community, without the application of political pressure.


PRESSURE Secondly, we must call for governments to apply sanctions (political & economic), cut off ties in sport and business and diplomatically isolate Sri Lanka (including suspension from the Commonwealth & withdrawal of travel visas). Some of this will affect Sri Lankans in general but will especially punish the political elites. The screws must be tightened and the country must remain an international ‘pariah’ until a UN-supervised referendum is offered.
Economic Apart from external political pressure we must run an effective Economic War against Sri Lanka to deprive it of foreign currency and direct aid. A successful attack on the Sri Lanka economy will reduce the Government’s capacity to equip and feed its army due to a reduction in taxation revenue (on export remittances), whilst reducing public expenditure on its social infrastructure and increase unemployment (thus reducing the average standard of living) resulting in political demands from the Sinhala public for change.


Boycotting This will involve the boycotting of Sri Lankan products e.g. by persuading firms to stop importing those goods and consumers (including Tamils) not to purchase those displaying a ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ label. It will also mean campaigning for the withdrawal of aid and concessions offered by the IC e.g. the GSP+ Overall Sri Lanka’s political elites will be faced with a choice; stubbornly refuse to negotiate a vote and live in penury and be under political siege at home and isolated from the world (would sending their children to college in Iran or a holiday in China really compensate?) OR agree to a UN supervised referendum and see restrictions removed. We believe they will ultimately take the latter. If therefore you wish to see Eelam Tamils obtain the peace and justice they need and deserve, you must make this happen. Eelam Tamils are presently vulnerable and powerless so it falls to the Tamil Diaspora to pick up the cudgel. There is no other strategy that will achieve these goals and there is no one else that can make it happen.

We can win but it is in your hands. “Unite we stand, Divide we fall”

My profile

Name : Mr.S.Yogalingam

Candidate No. : 411

“I was born in Pungudutivu, Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon, and studied at Jaffna Central College until my first year of A/Level
I came over to the United Kingdom in 1985 as an asylum seeker and continued with my education and worked for living, being a good law obeying citizen ever since.
I am married and have two children. I have done many jobs, such as Supermarket, Mc Donald’s, Credit Controller for a Pharmaceutical firm, Manager of a Cinema and currently working as a Negotiator for Estate Agent.
My involvement in politics does not go far as many but I am like you who believe in human rights which must be upheld to the highest level. I was very upset, especially by the way My own Tamil peoples were killed by the Sri Lankan army and other forces in Sri Lanka since 1983 and in particular in MAY 2009.
I had participated in many protests with other Tamil peoples such as…
In front of London Parliament for a cease fire to end the indiscriminate killing by the Sri Lankan Army, Navy and Air Force on our innocent Tamil People in the mid of May 2009.
Other protest which took places in Hyde Park and other areas.
In front of Lord’s ground in London for a boycott of the 20/20 final world cup cricket match, which were played by Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
I am working with “Act Now”, the Tamil Human Rights group who work with Tamils and Non-Tamils, to boycott M&S, Gap and other British/Western companies who import products from Sri Lanka and for which they get (still) the GSP+ allowance from the European Union.

The Results :
Ban-Ki moon (Secretary-General for UN) have appointed special advisory group to find out the Sri Lanka’s breach of human rights & Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.
European Union had suspended the GSP+ for 6 months and to review the situation later.
I believes we have to do more for our Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Over 100,000 innocent Tamils are still kept in the barbed wire barbaric camps and especially those 11,000 so called hard core LTTE supporters whose names or identities are NOT know to any body except the Sri Lankan Government. We must keep up the pressure on Sri Lanka (including boycotting) until they release all the Tamils from the camps and I will always work for Tamil Eelam “jhafk;, Njrpak;, Raeph;zak;” where every one will have the equal rights for all.

Sockalingam Yogalingam aka YOGI